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Comics in Print and on the Web by Grant Thomas

read My Life in Records: a webcomic by Grant Thoams
read My Life in Records: a webcomic by Grant Thoams
My comics are made in my limited spare time- squeezed in before daybreak and on weekends while my children nap.

Print Comics:

Abstract Comics: The Anthology edited by Andrei Molotiu (Fantagraphics, 2009).

A few of my comics have appeared in the Eisner nominated Abstract Comics: The Anthology edited by Andrei Molotiu (Fantagraphics, 2009).

I managed to make my Masters Thesis into a comic book and it was published in Visual Arts Research Volume 38 Number 1 (University of Illinois Press).
I also enjoy making mini-comics, which can be purchased here.  (I also trade with other artists, so email me grantthomasonline AT gmail DOT com if you are interested.)


My Life in Records: a webcomic by Grant Thomas

My Life in Records:

Stories about a lifelong obsession with music.
You can currently read the Prologue for free online.

“One of the things instantly recognizable about My Life In Records is that it captures, in visual language, the magical crackle and pop of a vinyl record being played. There are also some early snippets of song lyrics, those types of generational songs that define us. So, for all those people who say that music doesn’t work well in comics, this one proves them wrong. Thomas displays the lively colorful reds of guitar strings humming, and builds a tale about childhood memories, music, art, and pop culture like Sesame Street being the ephemeral soundtrack to a person’s life.”  Poopsheet Foundation

“It’s always a little tricky to pull off music in comics, but I think Grant nailed it here.”  Optical Sloth

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Work in Progress – Neck Beard

I’m pretty sure this is my first attempt at drawing a character with a neck-beard.

Here we see Agatho putting a stone in his mouth to remind him to keep quiet.  My guess is that he put a pebble in his mouth, but since comics are a visual medium, I changed the pebble into a brick-like rock.  It’s funnier to look at and also gives a nod to George Herriman’s Krazy Kat strips.

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Where Do Ideas Come From?


 In case you ever wondered where I get my ideas, here’s a glimpse into my creative process.  This story originally ran on Graphic Poems.  I put in last Spring’s mini comic, Dodo Comics #1You can buy Dodo Comics #1 here.

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J Crew Sketches

I’ve been doing some sketches from catalogs.  Here’s a few from the J Crew catalog.

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