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Guardian of the Trees

I’ve been sketching all these little trolls and fairies that will populate the third act of my upcoming comic, The Bear King.  Last week, I made a forest guardian that was grass-themed, so this week, I thought I’d make one that was tree-themed.  I sketched this at the park with pencil and a Pentel Color Brush.

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Throwback Thursday: The Walter Boyd Band

For those of you reading along since 2003, you may remember that I was once involved in music.  The earliest band I was in was called The Walter Boyd Band, which was a one-man-band (me) with another person’s name.  (Kinda like Jethro Tull).  I was the only one who understood my own joke, but “we” did put out one album.

Here’s the cover I made in 2008 for an attempt a 5 year anniversary reissue.

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Baba Yaga’s Hut

I was always intrigued by the imagery of Baba Yaga’s hut.  I started playing with it a bit one day in my sketchbook.  I kept adding layers of tracing paper to the sketch and refining the image.

Finally, I took the top layer and put it on a light box.  I inked it on a sheet of bristol board.

The image still seemed lacking, so I brought it into Photoshop and added layers of creepy tree branches to act as a frame of sorts.