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My Life in Records is Back!

My Life in Records began as a webcomic in late 2005.  My original plan was to draw an autobiographical comic about each album that had been important in my life.  I made a “short list” of 50 albums and set to work making a weekly black and white comic strip.
After a year or so, I decided to print up one fo the stories to give away as Christmas presents to family members.  AS I browsed options for sizes of books, I stumbled upon the square format book.
Now I had a comic about music that looked like a little record sleeve.
After completing the third chapter, I redrew the whole series in a square format and added color.
Along the way, I decided to change the scope of the project from “autobiographical” to “thinly veiled autobiography”. I changed the names of the characters and excised the second chapter, which now seemed convoluted and out of place.
I hope you will continue to enjoy the adventures of Tom and his brothers as they discover more music.
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Today is the final Desert Fathers Comic

Today will be the last Desert Fathers comic for a while.  I have many more in various phases of completion, but they are pretty labor intensive, so this is the last one for now.
I’ve always thought that illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages and comics were distant cousins.  Both combine typography and images to convey stories.
I love looking through books about illuminated manuscripts and found an in illustration recently in a book from the Museum of the Bible* that I used as inspiration for the demon. 
Next week, I’ll be back to posting My Life in Records stories again for a few months.
See you bright and early tomorrow for new comic book day

*The museum has seen its share of controversies, such as forgeries of Dead Sea Scrolls and looted artifacts from Iraq, but the book seemed to be just a guidebook of European Illuminated Manuscripts.
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The Tale of Agatho

Sayings of the Desert Fathers

As someone who has trouble putting his foot in his mouth, I resonated with Agatho’s quest to silence himself.  Once again, I used the pantoum form to convey the monotony of time passing.  Each frame roughly represents a month in the life of Agatho.

Ethopian Manuscript page

This is one of the manuscript pages I used as inspiration for the page layout.

See you bright and early tomorrow for new comic book day!