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My Life in Records is Back!

My Life in Records began as a webcomic in late 2005.  My original plan was to draw an autobiographical comic about each album that had been important in my life.  I made a “short list” of 50 albums and set to work making a weekly black and white comic strip.
After a year or so, I decided to print up one fo the stories to give away as Christmas presents to family members.  AS I browsed options for sizes of books, I stumbled upon the square format book.
Now I had a comic about music that looked like a little record sleeve.
After completing the third chapter, I redrew the whole series in a square format and added color.
Along the way, I decided to change the scope of the project from “autobiographical” to “thinly veiled autobiography”. I changed the names of the characters and excised the second chapter, which now seemed convoluted and out of place.
I hope you will continue to enjoy the adventures of Tom and his brothers as they discover more music.