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Paul Pope and Blushing Oboe Player

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I really dig Paul Pope's comics.  Why hasn't he done anything except cover art recently?!  Sometimes I like to redraw parts of comics to see how they were made in hopes of picking up a few tricks from my favorite artists.  Its kind of my way of cutting open an artist's work to see how it all works.

Here's a couple of faces I sketched from Pope's Heavy Liquid:

 I've also been pretty busy roughing out stories.  Here's a little sequence of some band geeks flirting:

I tried to rework the oboe player's face in the margin, but I think I pretty much nailed it on in the first sketch.

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Demos and Outtakes for Pages 6 +7 of My Life in Records #1

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Originally, I planned to map out every single record that was meaningful to me in the prologue. Then I realized that I would have to either draw tiny little facsimiles of each album cover or make up a symbol for each one and that just seemed too daunting.  I also wanted to show how learning to play guitar gave me a greater appreciation for wider range of music.

For the next sketch, I settled on a strip across the top of tracks that I tried to learn to play interspersed with the play along CD from the Mel Bay How to Play Guitar book.  You can see at the bottom I was still going for the autobio/metafictional angle with the little cartoon Grant thinking as he drew the comic.

Here's the final page:

You can read the rest of this comic here.

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Striped Pants

I never know what to do with the bottom half of my character designs.  I'm not sure if striped pants was a good idea. . .

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Variations on a Theme

I tried to make another abstract sonnet.  I made two "quatrains" and ended up liking the second one, but not the first.  Then the hustle and bustle of life set in and I never returned to the comic.  So it ended up being more like two variations on a theme.  Eventually, I think I'll return to the second "quatrain" and make comic more in its style.