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from Left to Right . . .

from Left to Right:

  • 11" x 11" Bristol board "final artwork" 
  • ink spattered on a sheet of drawing paper that will be cut out and pasted to bristol board -print out of composite of sketches made on several sheets of tracing paper (placed on light table in used as an inking guideline for the final artwork) 
  • tracing paper sketches taped together 
  • one more tracing paper sketch for good luck.
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Review of Dodo Comics #3 at Poopsheet Foundation

The first review for Dodo Comics #3 is up over at Poopsheet Foundation
Though there are no words in this issue, or even recognizable figures, just deliberately placed wisps of ink that ebb and flow like flocks of birds, he deftly manipulates timing and pace with a distinct sense of musicality. The structure is one of a poetic tempo that you can feel the rhythmic beat of, while taking in his sensual inky lines.
You can now find an archive of other reviews of my work over at the Press section of the site.
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