” . . . another solid issue . . . “

“. . . a thoroughly engaging comic from top to bottom.”

“I don’t get a sense that Thomas is going after provoking an emotional reaction (despite the use of the nomenclature of poetry), but is rather more interested in a more visceral reaction to the way lines on paper react against other lines and the expectation of the reader for a sequential narrative when we see one panel placed after another.”

“Though there are no words in this issue, or even recognizable figures, just deliberately placed wisps of ink that ebb and flow like flocks of birds, he deftly manipulates timing and pace with a distinct sense of musicality. The structure is one of a poetic tempo that you can feel the rhythmic beat of, while taking in his sensual inky lines.”

“I’ve been reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, which I checked out from the library. But nothing prepared me for Dodo Comics #3 Winter 2013 by Grant Thomas.”

“The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Water can be hard to pull off in print, but Thomas nails it with some nice white bubble effects. I love the way the figures look! The style is inviting, both the warmth of the figures and the contrast of the stark environments. The production quality is grand! If only aspiring mini-comics creators took lessons from Thomas regarding construction, paper quality, and graphic design sensibility.”

“Everything flows in these comics and everything “works” – the visual style, storytelling, and the narrative text. Vinyl records anchor the story, something most of us of a certain generation can relate to. Will anyone be nostalgic for their mp3 player in twenty years?”

“This is another gorgeous book, and it will probably hit you spiritual types a bit harder than it hit me.”

“A nice mix of stories, and there’s even a funny panel on the back showing Grant trying to draw comics while surrounded by his two baby daughters. It’s a solid comic and I’m enjoying his willingness to mix things up with his stories. Hey, that’s why these things have more than one story each, right?”