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Color Sonnet coming tomorrow

About 15 years ago, I got interested in the format of comics wanted to push the boundaries of how comics were made. 
At the time, Neil Cohn, Matt Madden and Derik Badman were creating comic “poems” and trying emulate the structure of poems with their comics or creating their own structures that were completely native to comics.
Matt Madden made a “Comics Sestina” and Derik Badman experimented with “Comics Haiku” and “Comics Pantoum”. Neil Cohn created forms that were native to comics such as the “Reducto”. 
One of my earliest experiments with these ideas , was to make a “Color Sonnet”. I made a 14 page comic book much like a sonnet has 14 lines. At the end of each page there was a panel that was supposed to “rhyme” with another page. 
This comic was eventually published in Abstract Comics: the Anthology in 2009, but since the book is long out of print, I figured it would be OK to share here.
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Announcing: Mini Comic Mondays and Summer Hiatus

I love collecting little ‘zines, small press comics, and hand made comic books. Over the next few months, I’ll be posting pictures of the more interesting parts of my collection with a short write up about each piece.

Secondly, June 13 will be my last comic I’ll be posting until October 10. I’ll be putting patron payments on hold while there are no new comics.

I’ll still be posting public posts over the summer about mini comics and little glimpses of my drawing process.

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The Tale of Agatho

Sayings of the Desert Fathers

As someone who has trouble putting his foot in his mouth, I resonated with Agatho’s quest to silence himself.  Once again, I used the pantoum form to convey the monotony of time passing.  Each frame roughly represents a month in the life of Agatho.

Ethopian Manuscript page

This is one of the manuscript pages I used as inspiration for the page layout.

See you bright and early tomorrow for new comic book day!

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Temptation By A Thousand Insect Bites

Demons are usually depicted as serpent-like or goat-like creatures.  However, I chose to make my demon have insect characteristics to show how the demon could persistently pester the hermit like a mosquito in the ear.  In my experience, temptation is rarely a big showdown with the end boss of a video game, but more like the incessant needling that you finally cave too after thousands of little pinches.

One of my favorite depictions of St. Anthony’s temptation is by Albrect Dürer.  First, because I love anything by Albrecht Dürer, but secondly, because of the sheer imaginative diversity of monsters attacking poor St. Anthony.

Temptation of St. Anthony by Albrect Durer

See you bright and early tomorrow for new comic book day!