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Paul Pope and Blushing Oboe Player

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I really dig Paul Pope's comics.  Why hasn't he done anything except cover art recently?!  Sometimes I like to redraw parts of comics to see how they were made in hopes of picking up a few tricks from my favorite artists.  Its kind of my way of cutting open an artist's work to see how it all works.

Here's a couple of faces I sketched from Pope's Heavy Liquid:

 I've also been pretty busy roughing out stories.  Here's a little sequence of some band geeks flirting:

I tried to rework the oboe player's face in the margin, but I think I pretty much nailed it on in the first sketch.

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Striped Pants

I never know what to do with the bottom half of my character designs.  I'm not sure if striped pants was a good idea. . .

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Variations on a Theme

I tried to make another abstract sonnet.  I made two "quatrains" and ended up liking the second one, but not the first.  Then the hustle and bustle of life set in and I never returned to the comic.  So it ended up being more like two variations on a theme.  Eventually, I think I'll return to the second "quatrain" and make comic more in its style.
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His Holiness’ Coffee

I’ve been reading up some more on Caravaggio and his contemporaries.  Apparently, Pope Clement VII was a big fan of coffee, which the church saw as Satanic since it was drunk by the Muslims.  (Further medieval logic: Muslims don’t drink wine and therefore cannot partake of the Eucharist and thus are from Satan.)

Anyhoo, Clement the VII found it tasty and baptized coffee so it would be safe for Catholics to drink.  I have yet to find a worthy source for this little tidbit of fact about Pope Clement, so take it with a grain of salt.  It could turn out to be an internet hoax perpetuated by bloggers like me.