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Grant Thomas’ Film Influences

I was intrigued by Brainpicking’s article, David Bowie’s 75 Must-Read Books.  I’ve long assumed that as artists, much of our work reflects a bit of our artistic diet.  We ingest various forms of art and their influence is exuded in our own productions.  I’ve seen a lot of movies.  Most of them were bad. This is not a list of every movie I have ever seen, but it is a list of films that I’ve sat up and taken notice of.  Some have directly impacted my work in comics. (In other words I’ve tried to imitate as best I could.)  Some may take root and flower later.  I might even be influenced by the countless bad movies I’ve watched. (wink)

I tend to shy away from listing my favorite movies and books.  Mostly, I am paranoid that Facebook and other sites use these lists to generate advertisements and other data mining ventures.  However, since this website is – ah hem- created purely to promote my artwork, why not use my own preference to further my own artwork. (grin).  My website is mostly read by other artists and friends, so perhaps this will give you insight into my creative process and you might find one of these films useful for yourself.

I have no way of deciding which films are the most important to me, so they are listed in chronological order.

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