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My Life in Records #3 Kickstarter Project!

Music makes the Star Wars toys come alive in the latest issue of My Life in Records. Includes 3 new never-before-seen “B-Side” stories.

Each morning, before my family wakes up and before my family members wake up, I make comic books.  My Life in Records is a series I have been working on in some shape or form since December 2005.

This project seeks to print the third issue with two never before seen “B Side” stories.  The first issue is currently out of print and the second issue is close to being out of print as well.  I would like to use some of the Kickstarter funds to reprint these books.

Backer Rewards:

Besides My Life in Records, I also put out a small black and white comic book about once a year with several short stories it called Dodo Comics.

If you back this project at the $10 Level, you will receive the latest issue of Dodo Comics in addition to My Life in Records #3.  For $40 you will receive the all four issues of Dodo Comics and and all three issues of My Life in Records.